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Tracy and Sunshine Gantt Ministries was created by Pastor Tracy Gantt and First Lady Sunshine Gantt. Their lives were transformed by Christ and Christ alone. They are overcomers of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and gang life. They made a vow to God that once they accepted HIM into their lives, everything they did in the future would be For HIS Glory.


Tracy and Sunshine Gantt Ministries is a ministry that accepts Everyone! No sin is too great and they do not judge you for your faults or shortcomings. Why? Because they were once committing sins too! We are here to pray for you and help you in any way that we can. Been to prison? It's okay. On drugs? It's okay. Struggling with alcohol? It's okay. Treated like an outcast? It's okay. No matter what your struggle may be, we are here to help.

Due to their years of committed outreach work, the Gantts have accomplished many things. They've received a ton of media attention, received support from many influential people/celebrities, received a Proclamation from the former Mayor of Easley SC, received a commending letter from former SC Governor Nikki Haley and a commending letter from the current Governor of SC Henry McMaster.


Pastor Tracy and First Lady Sunshine are the proud Founders of a clothing ministry called TSG Ministries Clothes Closet and More. They began their clothing ministry in 2012. It is located inside of their church at 106 King Street Easley, South Carolina. They provide clothing and various items to those in need. All of their items are completely FREE. They operate strictly from donations and the love of others who are willing to help those less fortunate.

They are also the proud Owners of the First and Only Homeless Shelter located in Pickens County SC; called Pickens County Shelter of Hope.


Without the love and support from others, the Gantts couldn't bless those who need it the most. Because of this, all donations are greatly appreciated.



                 OUR TV SHOW

You can now order a copy of our shows on Amazon or

View Them on YouTube!

Struggling with problems in life and need hope? Then join us and watch our show called "SAVED From a Life of Hell." This is not your "ordinary" Christian TV show. Our show features Minister Tracy Gantt. He talks about true life stories that he's experienced and how with Christ you too can overcome the same situations. He discusses suicide, death of a loved one, prison, gang life, drugs, alcohol, etc... There is a topic for everyone!


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